Report Creation for Azure Hosted Solutions

Posted by: hbarber on 5 May 2020, 1:41 am EST

  • Posted 5 May 2020, 1:41 am EST

    We are looking to provide a means to allow our customer to create custom reports, preferably in a web based solution, that allows them to pull data from Azure SQL Server and Cosmos DB as the datasource. Does AngularJS allow for this type of report creation? I have used ActiveReports for many years, but haven't looked at ActiveReportsJS and was wondering if anyone has experience in a cloud environment as previously stated and what are some of the Pro's and Con's.
  • Replied 5 May 2020, 1:42 am EST

    I have researched in detail both Power BI and SSRS and one solution is really for data transformation and analysis of data and the later does allow me to do more "traditional" reports, but not very user friendly and more developer centric. However they are adapted and more integrated with Azure since they are both Microsoft technologies.

    Would love some 3rd party perspective as it relates to this topic.
  • Replied 5 May 2020, 9:17 pm EST


    ActiveReports(not ActiveReportsJS) have the WebDesigner from which users can create their own custom reports and bind to the Azure SQL DB. However, for Cosmo DB, it can be achieved by creating the CustomDataProvider which extract the data from CosmoDB and display in the report. After that, you can use the CustomDataProvider in your WebDesigner so that Customer can able to use the CosmoDBin his reports.
    You can try at your end and let me know if you face any issues.

    You can refer to the following link and samples:

    ActiveReportJS does not have this feature as of now.

    Also, you can look into our BI product, Wyn which has the feature to design the report as same as in ActiveReports.
    Please go through the following links:

    Hope it helps.

  • Replied 6 May 2020, 11:55 pm EST

    Thanks for the reply. When you say ActiveReport (not ActiveReportsJS) as a WebDesigner, does this support embedding the report designer/viewer in Angular?
  • Replied 7 May 2020, 12:03 am EST


    Yes, you can embed them in Angular application but it is not completely client-side product so you need to use .Net as backend. You can refer to angular sample at the following link:

  • Replied 8 May 2020, 1:24 am EST

    When I run the demo from WebSamples14/WebDesignerSamples/WebDesigner_Angular(Core)
    and set up a connection to a remote mssql database, I get the error:
    "Synchronous operations are disallowed. Call ReadAsync or set AllowSynchronousIO to true instead."
    This connection works in the ActiveReports desktop application.

    Edit: Had to switch to IIS in VS.
  • Replied 10 May 2020, 11:00 pm EST


    It seems that your issue is resolved. If you are still facing the issue, please let me know.

  • Replied 11 May 2020, 1:13 am EST

    Hi Mohit,
    For some reason, I'm getting the same error again. I've reverted all changes and re-downloaded the code again to see if the issue was on my side, but the error persists when I try to validate a connection to the server. I'm targeting .net core 3.1 in VS 2019. Any idea what the issue might be?
  • Replied 11 May 2020, 10:16 pm EST

    Thanks, again, Mohit. That does handle the error.
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