Problem mit Copy & Paste im Flexgrid 8 (Unicode / ActiveX)

Posted by: t.schroeer on 3 November 2019, 8:51 pm EST

  • Posted 3 November 2019, 8:51 pm EST

    Hello everyone

    I have an MSAccess 2013 frontend en delivery note processing form. In this form I have installed the ActiveX Flexgrid version 8.0 (Unicode) (ComponentOne 20191.1.1). The value should be entered in the remark column and also by copy & paste. The manual input works great, only the input via the clipboard does not work. Do I have to reconfigure something for it?

    So I configured the Flexgrid:

    Private Sub c1fgSetDataSource(ByVal sSQL As String)
    On Error GoTo c1fgSetDataSource_Error_DefaultHandler ' --- Standard-Fehlerbehandlung

    c1fg.Rows = 1
    c1fg.Clear 'flexClearEverywhere

    SetDataSource "C1FG", sSQL

    m_bolNoSel = False

    c1fg.Redraw = flexRDNone
    c1fg.Appearance = flexFlat
    c1fg.DataMode = flexDMFree ' flexDMBound
    c1fg.VirtualData = True
    c1fg.Editable = flexEDKbdMouse
    c1fg.Flags = flexCFAutoClipboard
    c1fg.FixedCols = 0
    c1fg.FixedRows = 1
    c1fg.SelectionMode = flexSelectionListBox
    c1fg.AllowSelection = True
    c1fg.ExplorerBar = flexExNone
    c1fg.AutoResize = True
    c1fg.AutoSizeMode = flexAutoSizeColWidth
    c1fg.AllowUserResizing = flexResizeColumns
    c1fg.BackColorBkg = RGB(&H31, &H30, &H31)
    c1fg.SheetBorder = RGB(&H31, &H30, &H31)
    c1fg.BackColor = vbWhite
    c1fg.BackColorAlternate = RGB(&HDD, &HDD, &HDD)
    c1fg.BackColorFixed = RGB(&H55, &H55, &H55)
    c1fg.ForeColorFixed = vbWhite
    c1fg.BackColorSel = RGB(&HBB, &HBB, &HBB)
    c1fg.FontSize = Me.cboC1fgFontSize
    c1fg.Gridline = flexGridNone
    c1fg.GridLinesFixed = flexGridNone
    c1fg.GridLineWidth = 0
    c1fg.Cell(flexcpFontBold, 0, 0, 0, c1fg.Cols - 1) = True
    c1fg.RowHeight(0) = 500
    c1fg.ShowComboButton = flexSBAlways
    c1fg.AutoSizeMode = flexAutoSizeColWidth
    c1fg.FixedAlignment(COL_PLAN_LS_DATUM) = flexAlignLeftCenter
    c1fg.FixedAlignment(COL_PLAN_RÜCK_DATUM) = flexAlignLeftCenter
    c1fg.FixedAlignment(COL_PREIS_DM) = flexAlignLeftCenter
    c1fg.FocusRect = flexFocusRaised 'flexFocusInset 'flexFocusHeavy

    m_bolFGCellChanged = False
    Set c1fg.DataSource = m_rs
    m_bolFGCellChanged = True

    If (c1fg.Rows > 1) And (c1fg.Row > 0) Then
    Me.txtRowart = vbNullString
    Me.txtArtikelname = vbNullString
    Me.txtLS_Ort = vbNullString
    Me.txtPlan_LS_Datum = vbNullString
    Me.txtPlan_Rück_Datum = vbNullString
    Me.txtSNR = vbNullString
    Me.txtArtikeltyp = vbNullString
    Me.txtAnzahl = vbNullString
    Me.txtAnzMiettage = vbNullString
    Me.txtRück_Ort = vbNullString
    Me.txtLieferadresse = vbNullString
    Me.txtPauschal_Art = vbNullString
    End If

    c1fg.Redraw = True

    m_bolNoSel = True

    GoTo c1fgSetDataSource__Exit '-------------------------------------------------
    Select Case Error_DefaultHandler("Auftrag_LS.ACF", "c1fgSetDataSource")
    Case vbAbort
    Resume c1fgSetDataSource__Exit
    Case vbRetry
    Case vbIgnore
    Resume Next
    End Select
    c1fgSetDataSource__Exit: '-----------------------------------------------------
    End Sub
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    Replied 3 November 2019, 9:20 pm EST


    VBA doesn't actually support the Clipboard object. You can still access the clipboard as below:

    'This is how to clear the clipboard in VBA:

    Dim MyData As DataObject

    Set MyData = New DataObject
    MyData.SetText ""

    ' This is how to get the text on the clipboard into a string variable:

    Dim MyData As DataObject
    Dim strClip As String

    Set MyData = New DataObject
    strClip = MyData.GetText

    'This is how to get the text from a string variable into the clipboard:

    Dim MyData As DataObject
    Dim strClip As String
    strClip = "Hi there"

    Set MyData = New DataObject

    MyData.SetText strClip

    The DataObject is a part of the Forms library in VBA. In order to make this code work, you must do one of the two things:
    1. Have at least one UserForm in your project, or
    2. In the VBA editor, go to Tools, References, and set a reference to the "Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library"

    Note: There are Cut, Copy, Paste and Clear methods available for the control which can be used to implement the clipboard support manually.
    Also, please be noted that we do not support VBA as our controls are neither tested nor supported in this environment.


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