Setting properties at runtime Error 545 on foreign computers

Posted by: c.schmid on 4 May 2020, 5:56 pm EST

  • Posted 4 May 2020, 5:56 pm EST

    We have an old VB6 Project using a TDataGrid8 and a TDataControl8 (they were bound at designtime) and a few textboxes (they were bound at runtime).

    This is the extracted code:

    With Me.TData

    .ChangeInProgress = True

    .ConnectionString = g_sConnectString

    .RecordSource = m_sSQLSource

    .Mode = adModeReadWrite

    .ChangeInProgress = False


    If .Recordset.EOF Then

    nCount = .Recordset.RecordCount()

    End If

    End With

    'Error on foreign computers...

    With Me.txtTest

    .DataField = Empty

    Set .DataSource = Me.TData

    .DataField = "Test"

    End With

    This code works on the developer maschine without any problems, in the VB6 IDE and as compiled EXE.

    On ervery other computer I get an error message at runtime: Run-time error '545': Unable to bind to field or DataMember: 'Test'

    The TDataGrid is always populated and works as espected!!!
  • Replied 4 May 2020, 9:09 pm EST


    I doubt that the problem is specific to our products. It seems related to setting the DataField for Textbox. Kindly investigate it in the application itself or search over the web.

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    Replied 5 May 2020, 2:05 am EST

    Hi, I figured it out. I'm not sure which data component was incorrect, but simply installing the Access 2007 runtime on the machines solved the problem.
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