FormattedTextBox - CanGrow and CanShrink = False

Posted by: tim-whitaker on 3 August 2017, 6:19 am EST

  • Posted 3 August 2017, 6:19 am EST

    I'm trying to create a form style report where the top part of the page has FormattedText box which contains variable length data and the bottom has fixed data. Depending on the length of the text in the FormattedText box makes the rest of the page grow and shrink. The bottom of the page is form filled data that need to stay in the same position and not dependent on the top portion. It appears that I need a canshrink = false and cangrow = false for the formattedtext or the equivalent. This doesn't happen with a normal text box. Can anyone help?
  • Replied 3 August 2017, 6:19 am EST

    Hello Tim,

    The position of a reportitem will be determined by the position and height of the reportitems on top of it. So, if your report has one FormatedTextbox followed by a TextBox and if the html of the FormattedTextbox is large occupying a lot of drawing area in terms of height, the Textbox would automatically be pushed downwards. However you may try  keeping the TextBox at a constant top position is by
         1) Place the FormattedTextbox on the PageHeader Section and place the TextBox in the Body section of the report.
         2) Draw the TextBox in a Rectangle etc and set the Rectangle's PageBreakAtStart Property to true.

  • Replied 3 August 2017, 6:19 am EST


    You may also try placing the FormattedTextBox within a rectangle in the body of the report and set the rectangle's height to the largest size that the Formatted Text may occupy. Now you may place the Textbox wherever you may want in the body.This way the Formated Text would not move the TextBox until and unless it grows so large that the height set for the FormattedTextBox is not fit to hold it.

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