ActiveReports 13.2 Released!

Posted by: mateen.firoz on 5 September 2019, 6:37 am EST

  • Posted 5 September 2019, 6:37 am EST

    I'm excited to announce the release of ActiveReports 13 SP2. As usual, this is a free update for existing ActiveReports 13 customers.
    In addition to the usual bug fixes, performance improvements, and user requests, this release also includes some new features. You can read all about those features at the blog article below:
    You can find a list of bug fixes at the bottom of this post.
    We also encourage you to check out the "What's New" page of ActiveReports, if you haven't already done so:
    ActiveReports version 13.2.18250.0 download:

    • 271685: Fixed issue with textbox value disappears when moving to next page of Page report in designer

    • 273006: Resolved value of hidden parameter in Section Reports not changing with JSViewer

    • 273293: Resolved "GrapeCity.ActiveReports.VisualStudio.Editor.EditorPane was not found" error when creating code based section reports in Visual Studio

    • 272040: Fixed issue with RPX->Page report converter not recognizing landscape orientation of report

    • 274440: Upgrade tool now maintains framework settings upon upgrading from earlier version of ActiveReports

    • 273744: Upgrade tool now converts GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Core.XXX.dll to installed version

    • 270185: Fixed issue where orphaned group footer is printed when PrintAtBottom=true

    • 273831: Fixed Out of Memory exception with running Section Reports multiple times

    • 273786: Fixed incorrect RTL export issue

    • 272757: Resolved Chart appears blank expressions in Category/Value/Details encodings

    • 271790: Fixed RTL text in FormattedText does not appear correctly on previewing

    • 272964: Resolved AutoMerge failure with image control in Table and Tablix

    • 270279: Fixed issue with SVG images being clipped

    • 272901: Improved PDF export with high resolution SVG images

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