ActiveReports 13.3 Just Released!

Posted by: mateen.firoz on 27 May 2020, 7:24 am EST

  • Posted 27 May 2020, 7:24 am EST

    I am pleased to announce the release of ActiveReports 13.3. This will be the final service pack for ActiveReports 13. As usual, this is a free update for existing AR13 users.

    ActiveReports 13.3 Download:

    Below is a list of issues that were fixed in this service pack.

    • 272040 - When converting RPX to Page reports, some controls beyond of page bounds were removed

    • 273739 - Report not found' error shown when deploying a .NET Core MVC application on Virtual Directory

    • 275345 - "LayoutException: The size of the subreport is too small" error after upgrading from AR12.0 to AR13

    • 275536 - "LocateDataSource" event fires twice in the JSViewer

    • 275980 - Ruler not properly aligned with grid lines in report designer surface

    • 276125 - Fixed issue when UseTopDirectoryOnly set to "False" in "UseFileStore" method of UseDesigner API

    • 276230 - Custom button in HTMLViewer stopped working after Chrome V77 update

    • 276572 - Picture.Image property can now be set to null to hide image

    • 277254 - Stylesheets from a relative path is not applied in Visual Studio integrated designer

    • 277538 - HTML5 Viewer Refresh method does not re-render report

    • 277550 - Hyperlinks in HTML Export broken

    • 277610 - RichTextBox duplicating data after migrating from AR11 to AR13

    • 277628 - Restricted domains did not unload when new domains were created

    • 277981 - Error occurs when previewing a report referencing a subreport in subdirectory of resource file

    • 278150 - Invalid JSON is generated if report contains values with quotes

    • 278371 - Custom chart control causes a "DataSet name needs to be specified" error in report with multiple data sources

    • 278739 - LocateDataSource Event does not fire when fields of dataset used in parameter

    • 275182 - SvgImage CRI is corrupt in HTML export

    • 275264 - PDF export truncates text at the bottom

    • 275446 - Adding Line control by double clicking in RDL\Page toolbox uses different units of measurement

    • 277608 - FormattedText control displays text with extra spaces
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