AR 13 report run method inifinte loop

Posted by: enrico on 21 July 2022, 2:05 am EST

  • Posted 21 July 2022, 2:05 am EST

    I am using version 13.3. I have attached a solution with a very simple report example. This report will hang when the run method is called. It has something to do with the very long string used in DetailField1.

    If I reduce the font so that DetailField1 fits on 1 page, Everything works.
    If I provide a non-empty string for DetailField3, everything works fine.

    The exact configuration in the attached Program causes the Report run method to run infinitely (as it consumes more and more memory)

    Is there anything I can change on this report to prevent the infinite loop in the run method?
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    Replied 21 July 2022, 9:49 pm EST

    Hi Enrico,

    I was able to replicate this behavior in ActiveReports 13 and ActiveReports 16. I have escalated this issue to the development team. I will get back to you once I have any updates on the same. Please note as ActiveReports 13 is no longer under maintenance if a fix for this issue is provided, then it would be for the latest version of ActiveReports i.e. ActiveReports 16.
    [For internal use:AR-29048]
  • Replied 21 July 2022, 11:18 pm EST

    Thank you for your attention to this issue. When a fix is available, we will upgrade.
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