Barcode control with style UCCEAN128 fail to render correctly some AI

Posted by: info on 15 February 2023, 8:57 pm EST

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    Posted 15 February 2023, 8:57 pm EST

    ActiveReports V16’s Barcode Control with style UCCEAN128 fails to render correctly when AI (3101) is not the first AI, leading to wrong readings in our logistic facility.

    For example string (241)717172(3101)000384 fails to be rendered, while (3101)000384(241)717172 is correctly rendered.

    For me it is clearly a bug and I am waiting a response from support. Meanwhile… does anybody have a workaround to this bug?

    Thank you

  • Posted 16 February 2023, 5:16 pm EST

    Hi Andrea,

    We can see you have created a support ticket for the same issue. Please note, we were able to replicate this issue on our end. We have informed our development team about the same and will get back to your support ticket CAS-38017-Q0G4P7 as soon as I have any information regarding the same.



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