Custom Fonts not rendering on PDF report

Originally Posted 12 June 2016, 8:41 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 12 June 2016, 8:41 pm EST

    I'm developing a PDF report using ActiveReports 10 for a .Net MVC 4.5 web application to be hosted on an IIS site. I'm attempting to use a few custom true type fonts (.TTF) within the report. During development on my local development machine the fonts are correctly rendered (hosted using visual studio IIS express). However when I have attempted to host the application on a IIS test server (Windows 2012 server with IIS 8) and the custom fonts failed to render and instead the default fonts were used instead. This issue also occurs if I host the application on a local instance of IIS.

    I've installed the .ttf fonts on the test server but this failed to address the problem. I've created this report as a 'Section' Report also using the PDFExport component. Please could you point me the direction to fix this issue?

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    Hello Gary,

    Can you please confirm the WebConfig file's settings as mentioned in the following documentation link at your end :

    I have attached a sample WebConfig file including the necessary settings for your reference.

    If it still does not works at your end then kindly share the following information :
    1) share the fonts file
    2) a dummy/test app that replicates the issue at your end (your webconfig file entries)
    3) Screenshots/Video depicting the behavior and the issues observed at your end.

    All this information would be helpful in order to reproduce the issue at our end and escalate it further for a fix, if need be.

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    Also i have the same issue iam using Al-Mohanad font also after generating rdl to PDF throw designer it fails to take this font
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    I have checked at my end and issue is not reproducible with the latest build. Please refer to the attached files. Could you please provide more information or share the sample report so that I can reproduce the issue at my end.
    Also, share the exact build of AR that you are using at your end.

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