display Sub-reports per page (2 0r 4) based on condition

Posted by: chithrathara.p on 11 May 2021, 5:55 am EST

  • Posted 11 May 2021, 5:55 am EST

    In my project, User is given an option to choose 2 images per page or 4 images per page. I have a sub-report to display each image along with comments and questions.
    If its 2 images per page, then it should display the sub-reports one after the other. If its 4 images per page, then i need to display it as 2 columns x 2 rows (pattern). Not sure how to set the location dynamically. Any help here?
  • Replied 13 May 2021, 5:22 am EST


    Can you please share which report type are you using right now? Section/Page/RDL?

    Also, your have subreport which render for every image? or you have different subreport for different image.?

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