Last AR11 Service Pack Released

Posted by: mateen.firoz on 18 April 2018, 2:39 am EST

  • Posted 18 April 2018, 2:39 am EST

    AR11 users will be excited to hear of the latest, and final, release of AR11 SP3. This free update for current AR11 users includes a number of enhancements and bug fixes that are listed below.
    This is also a great time to look at all the great things ActiveReports 12 has to offer:

    Download ActiveReports 11 SP3:

    • 252458: DDSheets collection builder returns null when retrieving using Sheet's Name.

    • 250154: NotConnectedException in RemoteReportDescriptor in WPF Viewer

    • 255198: Fixed Error while loading RTF File in RichTextBox control in Section Reports.

    • 249358: Custom Font Factory - Additional Styling is applied to normal styled text.

    • 248189: Textbox in report leaving blank line and cutting off text at bottom in PDF RE.

    • 253506: Blank page with RDL report with tablix control and master report.

    • 245739: Size of ContentPlaceHolder doesn't get updated in derived report when using Master Report (RDL)

    • 248490: RichTextBox loses part of text content.

    • 239178: LocateDataSourceEventArgs object returns an out of date reference to the report.

    • 238834: Expression in Visibility property of TextBox doesn't work.

    • 239138: Page numbering in TOC is different than the actual page number when StartPageNumber property is set.

    • 243593: FormattedText - Unnecessary gaps added between words in PDF RE output.

    • 254196: (New Feature) FormattedText - replace unrecognized tags with span tag.

    • 234159: When exporting a report to CSV (TextExport), values containing commas are not propery escaped or quoted.

    • 236577: Code is not processed in SubReports.

    • 238673: Area/Pie/Doughnut charts should support "none" border style for series.

    • 237376: Add SVG variant in HTML export for FormattedText.

    • 238150: Fix different results between PDF and TIFF when WordWrap:NoWrap.

    • 241137: Multiline/cropped control captions appear in toolbox in stand-alone Report Designer.

    • 241434: ArgumentException when using compound Nested IIF expressions for BackgroundColor in Tablix body.

    • 244435: Unable to get all specific objects from JSON datasource by using JSONpath expression.

    • 245303: Fixed Subscript text in FormattedText control.

    • 252146: OpenReport called twice from HTML5 Viewer.

    • 252698: Fixed handling of images in RichTextBox control for PDF Export.

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