"Licensing with Pipelines" in a Container

Posted by: jdienst on 11 January 2022, 2:45 am EST

  • Posted 11 January 2022, 2:45 am EST

    Hello, our development team would like to use the latest ActiveReports within a Windows Based containerization platform. Our legacy product uses the "Licensing with Pipelines" approach for activating our product. We would like to know if we should continue this approach when working with container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

    Our initial questions/concerns were:

    1) Compiling the license into the Container executable could create issues if the container is run after the licenses expires, since a container is immutable. In this scenario, would the license still work or would the container image need to be rebuilt to avoid generating reports with a watermark?
    2) Is it possible to license our application without having to embed it as a compilation artifact? (Ie: Can we supply a license file or environment variable?)
    3) Can we ship the container image (with the compiled license) to a 3rd party image registry without violating any license terms?
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    Replied 12 January 2022, 3:46 pm EST


    Please see this documentation page for information on licensing with pipelines:

    1) Can you explain what do you mean by "compiling the license into the container executable"? The ActiveReports license needs to be activated on the machine for development and build process.
    2) For licensing an application you need to have a licenses.licx file in the application, but the license must first be activated on the development machine.
    3) What is the container image going to be used for? If it'll be used for development, you need to purchase additional licenses for each developer who is going to work with ActiveReports. For more details on the license terms, please read our EULA :
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