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Originally Posted 20 November 2014, 7:57 am EST

  • Originally Posted 20 November 2014, 7:57 am EST

    I'm using Spreadbuilder to create an Excel workbook with a dozen spreadsheets in it. It works perfectly on my computer and from the looks of it, any computer that has Excel installed on it. What I'm wanting to do is schedule my program to run from a computer that doesn't have Excel installed on it--is that not possible? Is there something I need to install, other than Excel, on the computer that doesn't have Excel on it?

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    In order to use SpreadBuilder and create excel files you need not have excel installed on your system. Please refer to the following documentation link wherein it is discussed how you can create a simple custom spreadsheet and save it to an Excel file :

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    I did include the correct reference. Now I'm wondering if the issue isn't because I'm trying to run it from a server that has Windows Server R2 Datacenter. I'm trying to automate a process that loads a bunch of text files into SQL Server and then export the data in a nicely formatted spreadsheet without having the user launch a program. The executable resides on a server that the users have access to and I know my server that has SQL Server on it has no program accessing and running the program because I make a call to it from another step in the process and it works fine at that step. It doesn't work when I try to run the step that builds the spreadsheet.
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    An update to my earlier post--it would seem that the operating system isn't an issue. I found a computer running Windows 7 without Excel installed on it and I couldn't get my program to generate the spreadsheet.
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    I tested at my end and confirm that you do not require Excel to be installed on your system for creating an excel file via spreadbuilder.

    I would request you to please try creating a fresh sample on a machine with AR installed and see if you still face any issue. Also, in case you are facing any error, I would request you to please share the same with us.

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    Are you saying to install Active Reports on my target machine in order for my programming solution to work? Doesn't that require purchasing another Active Reports license? That's not what I should have to do to deploy a solution--it's always been just to include the .dlls used in the project.

    To recap: I'm using Spreadbuilder in my solution to create an Excel file. My executable works fine on computers that have Excel installed on them. The only computer that has AR installed is my computer but everyone else using it has Excel installed. I'm trying to automate my program to run as part of a scheduled task and the computer I'm trying to do this from does not have Excel on it. I've tried 3 different computers--2 with Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter and one a Windows 7 computer so it's not an operating system issue, it looks to be an Excel issue. So is it possible to run a solution using Spreadbuilder WITHOUT having Excel and Active Reports installed on the machine from which it's running? If so, what else do I need to include (reference-wise) because I'm missing something.
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    I am really sorry but I am unable to replicate the issue mentioned by you at my end.

    I created a simple application and the exe of the same was run on machine without AR and Excel installed.
    The exe ran as expected and the excel file was created correctly.

    The excel file was opened on a different system having excel and the same had the correct data.

    Attached is the sample application for your reference. Please note that the 'CopyLocal' of the dll(s) was set to true.

    Please run the same and see if you still face the issue. It would be requested to share your sample application with us as it would help us in narrowing down the issue and thereafter assisting you accordingly.

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    I realize that it's been a couple of months since I was able to get back to this issue but the issue came up in another project and I found the exact cause and figured I'd share my findings in case someone else has the same problem--the DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll needed to be referenced in the project and copied out to the folder where the executable is located (I copy the executables and associated .dlls instead of doing a set-up program that has to be run on every end user's computer). I haven't had the chance to see what needs to be installed on a person's computer to not have to include this .dll because the person did have Excel installed but I trapped the error and once I included the .dll, the program worked.
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    Good to hear that your issue has been resolved. Hereby, considering this forum as closed at our end.

    Please feel free to contact us anytime you face any issues in future.

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    I am trying to save the file as .xlsx in classic asp, but getting an error assembly not found grapecity spreadbuilder xlsx couldnot load file or assembly document.format.openxml

    here is the code in .Net. even if .net, it's not working. But my actual requirement is classic asp

    //Dimension a Workbook and add a sheet to its Sheets collection
    GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder.Workbook sb = new GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder.Workbook();
    sb.FileFormat = FileFormat.Xlsx;
    sb.UseCompression = true;
    // sb.ProtectWorkBookStructure = false;

    //Set up properties and values for columns, rows and cells as desired
    sb.Sheets[0].Name = "Customer Call List";
    sb.Sheets[0].Columns(0).Width = 2 * 1440;
    sb.Sheets[0].Columns(1).Width = 1440;
    sb.Sheets[0].Columns(2).Width = 1440;
    sb.Sheets[0].Rows(0).Height = 1440 / 4;
    //Header row
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0, 0).SetValue("Company Name");
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0, 0).FontBold = true;
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0, 1).SetValue("Contact Name");
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0, 1).FontBold = true;
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0, 2).SetValue("Phone");
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0, 2).FontBold = true;
    //First row of data
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(1, 0).SetValue("GrapeCity");
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(1, 1).SetValue("Mortimer");
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(1, 2).SetValue("(614) 895-3142");

    //Save the Workbook to an Excel file
    sb.Save("c:\\GrapeTest" + @"\x.xlsx");
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    Could you please check that your application contains the following dll in your application:

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