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Posted by: cchristopher on 22 June 2021, 7:41 am EST

  • Posted 22 June 2021, 7:41 am EST

    I’m looking to upgrade from our current solution to a more robust server solution. I need to be able to create a host of custom report templates that would be run every 1 minute of each day from 6:00 AM through 6:00 PM and every 15 minutes outside of those hours.

    I work at a laboratory and this would mainly be used for creating PDF reports of patient lab results that would be saved to a network location with a custom name based on the data in the report. So a filename could possibly be something similar to {Test ID}{Patient FirstName}{Patient Last Name}_{Test Name}.pdf. Some report templates would be very simple but some are going to be extremely complex with hoards of business logic embedded inside of them.

    By that I mean if the test being reported includes 19 toxic chemicals in your blood and 10 were at high levels. We would have custom business logic to display a warning for each of the 10 that were high. We might also include and additional warning because 2 specific chemicals were high and another one was low. Basically these are going to be much more complex than just showing a list of people that were present for a meeting.

    We currently add each patient’s test ID to a queuing table when it needs to have the PDF created. I would need the report server to be able to call a query/view/stored proc/etc against our queuing table in the DB. The resultset returned would be a list of patient test IDs. This list of IDs would need to be run against that custom report template, which would create 1 PDF for each patient test ID in the resultset, not 1 PDF with all of the results on them.

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