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Posted by: gnewtzie on 23 January 2018, 5:12 am EST

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    Posted 23 January 2018, 5:12 am EST

    I applied the hotfix to fix the Unable to connect to datasource error in AR 12 and afterwards i can’t run any reports due to the custom security provider being broke.

    See attached image.

    I’ve tried setting it to default, changing it to Active Directory but the error persists. The custom security provider doesn’t even show up in the list anymore.

  • Posted 23 January 2018, 6:20 pm EST

    Please make sure you have updated the ActiveReports.Server.Extensibility dll that is being used within your custom security provider. I think this may still be referencing the previous version of ActiveReports.Server.Extensibility. You can find this dll here - C:\ActiveReports 12 Server\Server\

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