No Printers Installed after update

Originally Posted 24 September 2014, 1:40 am EST

  • Originally Posted 24 September 2014, 1:40 am EST

    We recently upgrade to version 6.3.4797.0. After the upgrade, when our application is running as a service, it throws an exception: System.Drawing.Printing.InvalidPrinterException: No printers are installed.

    However, the printers definitely are installed. Reverting to 6.1.2577.0 resolves the issue, and the printers are once more "installed".

    Any suggestions? I realize that AR6 is no longer supported, however, there must be a simple answer to this.

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    Further to the above, the code that prints this is:

    theReport.Document.Printer.PrinterName = PrinterName;

    // Set the number of copies to print:
    theReport.Document.Printer.PrinterSettings.Copies = (short)NumberOfCopies;


    theReport = null;

    As mentioned, this works fine in 6.1.2577.0 and fails in 6.3.4797.0

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    You are suggested to kindly first set the PrinterName property to "" (empty string) and then assign the PrintyerName. Check if that helps.

    Next, try setting the Printer using the following line of code :
    report.Document.Printer.PrinterSettings.Printer = "Printer Name";

    Also, please refer to the following link as it might help in resolving your issue :

    Please note, that the official support for AR6 has been withdrawn. Hence you are suggested to test with the latest build of AR (AR8) and see if you still face the same issue :

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