ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin build 3.5.20191.378 available

Posted by: kelley.ricker on 19 March 2019, 12:43 am EST

  • Posted 19 March 2019, 12:43 am EST

    The new 2019v1 release for ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin is now available via as build 3.5.20191.378. This build provides a number of bug fixes and new features.

    3.5.20191.378 Change Log


    • Adds support for Visual Studio 2019.


    Breaking changes
    • C1VectorIcon.IsFilled property removed (Use transparent color instead).
    • C1PathIcon class has been renamed to C1PolygonIcon.
    • C1SVGIcon class has been renamed to C1PathIcon.

    Bug fixes
    • [XF] Fixed an issue where the EntityFramework project template would not install on VS2019 Preview3.

    • C1VectorIcon.StrokeColor property added.
    • C1BitmapIcon.ShowAsMonochrome property added.
    • C1CompositeIcon added.
    • C1Icon.Padding property added.
    • C1PathIcon added.
    • C1VectorIcon.ViewBox property added.


    Bug Fixes

    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Color was not affecting the Symbols when e.PlotElement.Color is set in SymbolLoading event.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed an issue where the zero value of YAxis is shown at the top, if Min/Max of YAxis are not set.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed Rendering/Rendered event firing multiple times in FlexChart.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed a problem where SelectionChanged event was firing 3 times in 'Point' SelectionMode when selecting different series on different point.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed a problem where series do not render as soon as rendering the control when LoadAnimation/UpdateAnimation property is set on UWP.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed an issue where FlexChart cannot be scrolled when zooming is applied on UWP.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed an issue where the control could render distorted.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] DataLabel borders were displayed at incorrect position when "DataLabel.Position" is set Circular.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] "InvalidCastException" is no longer thrown when SymbolLoading event is called for the Chart Series.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] FlexChart now correctly retains bounds after zoom out.


    • [XF] GroupRowFontSize and GroupFontSize added.
    • [XF] GroupRowFontFamily and GroupFontFamily added.
    • [XF] GroupRowFontAttributes and GroupFontAttributes added.
    • [XF] GroupRowFontWeight and GroupFontWeight added for UWP
    • [XF] GroupRowFontStyle and GroupFontStyle added for UWP
    • [X.Android] GroupRowTextSize and GroupTextSize added.
    • [X.Android] GroupRowTypeface and GroupTypeface added.
    • [X.iOS] GroupRowFont and GroupFont added.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Added Save method to export to CSV, Text, or HTML

    Bug Fixes

    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Selection was not invalidating when resetting columns and rows.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Marquee was not properly being hidden while dragging.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Marque was not updating when resizing a column if SelectionMode was None.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed an issue where Sorting/Editing/selecting/resizing/dragging actions cannot be performed on multiple zoomed in FlexGrid.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] NotSupportedException is no longer thrown when Dispose() method is called and navigate back to Home page.
    • [X.iOS] Fixed an issue where resizing the grid was not working correctly.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed an issue where all rows are randomly relocated when reorder the rows after apply filtering.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Column headers were not displaying distinctly from the Data cells by default in Material design FlexGrid.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed an issue where a grid's Columns and Row cannot be resized again after resize by increasing Columns/Rows' width and height.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed an issue where GroupRowFont applies in some other data cells when scrolling, sorting, expanding/collapsing actions are performed.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] FlexGrid bound with EntityFrameworkCollection now refreshes immediately when data is pasted into another row.
    • [XF] ObjectDisposedException no longer occurs when GroupExpandedIconTemplate/GroupCollapsedIconTemplate with C1BitmapIcon is set in async method for setting ItemsSource on iOS.
    • [XF] Fixed an issue where a row cannot resize to original state after applying WordWrap.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] ArgumentNullException no longer occurs when loading FlexGrid.
    • [XF] NullReferenceException no longer occurs on navigating back to previous page while cell is in edit mode on UWP.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] System.NullReferenceException occurs on rendering the Classic Style FlexGrid.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] ArgumentOutOfRangeException thrown when enters some special characters (+, *, (, ), $, ?) in filter text box with 'MatchWholeWord' filter mode.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed an issue where FontSize of the Grid does not change although Grid's Font is set.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] FlexGrid does not get refresh and rows/columns with cell values are still rendered after setting ItemsSource to null
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Editing cell now exits properly from EditMode when a row header is clicked of an editing cell.
    • [XF][X.Android] 'Java.Lang.NoClassDefFoundError' Exception thrown when run the FlexGrid on Android API 17 and API 19.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed an issue where GroupHeaderFontSize cannot be changed by setting FontSize property.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] ArgumentOutOfRangeException no longer thrown after deleting all rows if Frozen Rows is set in FlexGrid.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Columns are not disappeared although unchecked all columns in 'Column Layout' page.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed an issue where GroupRowBackgroundColor property does not take effect in FlexGrid.
    • [X.iOS] Fixed an issue where SizeThatFits method of GridGroupRowCell was returning the Frame.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Selection was not invalidating when resetting columns and rows.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Typed filter values that are a part of filtered grid cell after spacing are added in filtered cells on FlexGrid.
    • [XF] Fixed an issue where Column of selected cell can be dragged without holding column header to be initiated on iOS.
    • [XF] Fixed an issue with LongPress for UWP.
    • [X.iOS] Content of C1Border was not clipped.
    • [XF][X.iOS] Fixed an issue where Zooming and Scrolling cannot be applied smoothly in both Device and Simulator.
    • [X.iOS]Fixed an issue where FlexGrid resizing was not working correctly.
    • [X.iOS][X.Android] Update logic to cancel drag event when dragging without holding.
    • [X.Android][FlexGrid]Fixed an issue where a cell does not exit from Edit Mode when the'Enter' Key is pressed from a SoftKeyboard


    • Added IsReversed property to RadialGauge which allows you customize it so that it draws from counter clockwise from 360 - 0 rather than 0 - 360.

    Bug Fixes
    • [X.Android] Color Range are now correctly shown and gauge is no longer distorted when ColorRange or StartAngle and isReversed property is applied to RadialGauge.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] RadialGauge renders reversely although Gauge's Default IsReversed value is 'False' on iOS .
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Gauge's Text value are not shown accordingly when apply Reverse property to Gauge.


    • Added support for Right To Left layout (RTL) which can be customized with the FlowDirection property.

    Bug Fixes
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Text in Dropdown is now properly shown with RTL FlowDirection.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] ] C1Combobox no longer shows a null reference exception on adding null items to ItemSource.
    • [X.iOS] Fixed an issue where FullScreenDropdown Headerportion is not shown according to RTL flowDirection although text in Headerportion show correctly.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Clear Button was not disappearing when setting ShowClearButton to false after selecting item at any DropdownMode.
    • [XF] Dropdown now opens properly when set "FullScreen" mode and RTL FlowDirection on UWP.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Selected item is no longer shown in Dropdown although item is removed with Delete/Backspace if item is selected using Keyboard Navigation.
    • [XF][X.Android] Dropdown does not open when enter text in AutoComplete if Dropdown mode is set 'ForceBelow/Above/AboverOrBelow/BelowOrAbove'.
    • [XF] 'System.NullReferenceException' occurs when clicking back button without hovering on dropdown items if DropDownMode is "FullScreen" on UWP.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] System.NullReferenceException occurs sometimes when isEditabe property is set False.
    • [XF][X.Android] Fixed a problem where the Cursor moved to a prior character and immediately moved back to the end when selecting the items with Arrow Keys from External keyboard.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Selected item cannot be removed by deleting text in editing area of FullScreen Dropdown of Combobox.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Text of selected item is no longer shown in text area although this item is removed by RemoveAt method through ObservableCollection.
    • [XF] IsEditable can now be set through Styles in XF.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed an issue Text in Dropdown is not shown with RTL FlowDirection although Dropdown button is shown accordingly.
    • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Setting Placeholder property now works if Mask property is not set

    Key: [XF] = Xamarin.Forms, [X.Android] = Xamarin.Android, [X.iOS] = Xamarin.iOS, [X.Mac] = Xamarin.Mac, [Windows Forms] = Windows Forms

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