ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin build 3.6.20191.384 available

Posted by: kelley.ricker on 10 April 2019, 2:03 am EST

  • Posted 10 April 2019, 2:03 am EST

    The new 2019v1 hotfix for ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin is now available via as build 3.6.20191.384. This build provides a number of bug fixes.

    3.6.20191.384 Change Log


    Bug Fixes

    [X.iOS][FlexGrid]Font size of matching text becomes bigger when apply filtering


    Bug Fixes

    [X.iOS][Input]Height of input controls get minimized with UIStackView


    Bug Fixes

    [XF] Chart Axis not gets assigned in OnAppearing Method.
    [XF] Annotations are not rendered on FlexChart if added in Series.SynmboRendered or Series.SymbolRendering events.
    [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] 'Custom Plot Elements' page does not show properly when navigate back again from 'Custom Plot Elements Scrolling' page.
    [XF] Axis format is applied to another pages when navigate from page set axis format.
    [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] All chart samples run incorrectly when entering Custom Plot Elements Scrolling sample and back to another chart.
  • Replied 29 July 2019, 8:43 am EST

    I have my project on visual studio for Mac, today I have to renew some classes... and on the package seems there are a ne version (4.0.20192.397) after I upgrade, my storyboard failed and my app when testing on the iPad, crashes...

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