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Posted by: michael.newrzela on 8 October 2018, 1:54 am EST

  • Posted 8 October 2018, 1:54 am EST

    Hello GrapeCity,

    our customer is using Component One Studio (C1 Studio). From this package he is using VSFlexGrid 8.0. Now he wants to roll out the software on their systems (OS Windows Server 2016) and don't want to install the full ComponentOne package. How can we handle the licensing?

    Best regards
  • Replied 8 October 2018, 2:01 am EST

    Additional information: It is a terminal server environment (Citrix OS Windows Server 2016) in which the installation is done via package.
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    Replied 14 October 2018, 4:50 pm EST

    Hi Michael,

    Our ActiveX controls are not tested or supported in Citrix environment but they work fine with standard Terminal Services of Windows Server.

    Regarding using VSFlexGrid without actually installing the complete package, you can just register the corresponding ocx files on your system. This can be done via command prompt. Please refer the following blog article which provides detailed information on how to do this:

    Now, you can download C1LicenseActivation utility and silently activate the license on this machine using the following steps:
    1. Download the latest ComponentOne licensing application (*.exe)-
    2. Open and run the command prompt with Administrator rights. Providing Administrator rights is essential, otherwise, you will receive a pop-up window asking for user-details.
    3. Type the following command:
    "path\C1LicenseActivation.exe" /as:serialkey /u:name /c:company

    The path refers to the location where you have placed the licensing application, serialkey refers to the ComponentOne key you purchased, name refers to the UserName under which you wish to activate the license, and company refers to the name of your company.

    Once you press the Enter key, your license will be activated for ComponentOne controls.

  • Replied 8 November 2018, 12:38 am EST

    Hi Pragati,
    can you please tell us which ocx files are needed to use VSFlexGrid? We have registered vsflex8.ocx, vsflex8d.ocx, vsflex8l.ocx, vsflex8u.ocx, vsstr8.ocx and vsppg8.dll as described in But we still have problems using FlexGrid objects in VBA. Are there any other things to be aware of?

  • Replied 12 November 2018, 5:09 pm EST

    Hi Michael,

    The ocx files you mentioned about should be enough for the registration process.
    I am not sure what problem are you facing while working with VSFlexGrid 8.0 in VBA environment. Can you please elaborate on it a bit further? It would be really helpful if you can share the screenshot of the problem at your end.

    Note: You may try using the latest version in VBA environment and see how it goes. However, we do not support this environment.

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