c1-calendar spanish text

Posted by: sebastian73 on 7 March 2021, 11:00 pm EST

  • Posted 7 March 2021, 11:00 pm EST


    I'm including the c1-calendar control in an MVC core 3.1 app, but I need the display language of months and dates in spanish. Is it possible?

  • Replied 8 March 2021, 1:45 am EST

    I mean a c1-input-date. Sorry.
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    Replied 8 March 2021, 5:48 pm EST

    For this, you need to set the culture for C1-scripts tags as follows:
    <c1-styles />
    <c1-scripts culture="es">
    <c1-basic-scripts />

    You may get the culture code from here:

    Hope it helps!

    Manish Gupta
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