change text color according footer value

Posted by: jairojosuehernandez on 26 October 2021, 6:44 am EST

  • Posted 26 October 2021, 6:44 am EST

    i have a flex grid in MVC, with this configuration
    .Bind(bi => bi.BatchEdit(Url.Action("Save")).DisableServerRead(true))
    .Columns(bl =>
    bl.Add(cb => cb.Binding("period").Header("Periodo").Width("*").IsReadOnly(true));
    bl.Add(cb => cb.Binding("travels").Header("Viajes").Width("60").Name("travels").Aggregate(C1.Web.Mvc.Grid.Aggregate.Sum));
    bl.Add(cb => cb.Binding("litters").Header("Litros").Width("70").Name("litters").Aggregate(C1.Web.Mvc.Grid.Aggregate.Sum));
    bl.Add(cb => cb.Binding("km").Header("km").Width("70").Name("km").Aggregate(C1.Web.Mvc.Grid.Aggregate.Sum));
    bl.Add(cb => cb.Binding("performance").Header("km/l").Width("40").Name("performance").Aggregate(C1.Web.Mvc.Grid.Aggregate.Avg));
    bl.Add(cb => cb.Binding("cost").Header("Costo").Width("70").Name("cost").Format("c").Aggregate(C1.Web.Mvc.Grid.Aggregate.Sum));
    bl.Add(cb => cb.Binding("kmxl").Header("$km/l").Width("40").Name("kmxl").Format("c").Aggregate(C1.Web.Mvc.Grid.Aggregate.Sum));
    but i need change text color according footer value Exp. if footer value is 2 and the cell has 1 set red color else set green color
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    Replied 28 October 2021, 7:35 pm EST


    We apologize for the delay in response. Please refer to the following points to implement the above requirement:

    * We may use the itemFormatter property which is used to customize cells of FlexGrid.
    * Within the above function, we use the getCellData() method of GridPanel class to get the value of the cell and may compare it with the Footer Cell's value and may set the desired text color of cells accordingly.

    Please refer to the below sample.

    Dushyant Sharma
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