Does anyone has been able to create an ASP.NET MVC app with FlexViewer?

Posted by: aalvarezc74 on 19 December 2020, 7:28 pm EST

  • Posted 19 December 2020, 7:28 pm EST

    hi all,

    Does anyone has been able to create an ASP.NET MVC app by using the FlexViewer control to show a FlexReport by getting the report data through a WEB Api??

    I have tried for about 20 hours, but I'm just getting blank page instead of the report data.
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    Replied 20 December 2020, 5:23 pm EST

    Hi adolfo,

    We have replied to your query on the SupportOne portal:

    For reference, we are copying the response here:

    Please refer to the sample attached which demonstrates how you can add a ReportViewer control in the MVC application.

    At your end, can you let us know if there is any error thrown in the console? The issue can be due to the fact that the demos use a relative path to the WebApi instead of an absolute path. In this sample, the service URL is set to an absolute path. If you have created your own WebApi application, then you can use its URL as the service URL property.

    Note that the FlexViewer only works with C1WebApi. If you are using some other WebApi, then it will not work. Please refer to the demo link below that demonstrates how to create C1WebApi with report services.

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