korean fonts do not appear in silverlight

Posted by: a01023891638 on 11 September 2017, 6:17 pm EST

  • Posted 11 September 2017, 6:17 pm EST

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    I created a pdf file using the report viewer provided by mssql.
    I've found that c1 provides a very useful report viewer. So I loaded the pdf file using c1reportviewer. However, all characters in Korean are displayed as strange characters.

    I've searched a variety of ways on Google. In the WPF project, set the font type to Embedded and create a pdf file. Unfortunately, I do not use the wpf project, I am only using the silverlight project.

    I would like to see the correct PDF file in C1pdfViewer using only Silverlight. How can I make Korean fonts come out well?

    Whether you need to modify the font settings from the first time you create a PDF file, or whether you need to set fonts when reading a PDF file, regardless of the fonts in the PDF file. In fact, I do not know where it went wrong.

    I would like to use the C1reportViewer to accurately display the PDF containing Korean. Please help me.
  • Replied 13 September 2017, 10:20 pm EST


    Can you please give me a pdf file with some Korean text in it? This would help me in investigating the problem further.

  • Replied 17 September 2017, 2:30 pm EST

    Hi. I attach pdf , image files.
    One of them is to save the PDF file as an Image.
    Plz Give me a solution.PDF.zip
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    Replied 18 September 2017, 7:56 pm EST


    Thank you for sharing the pdf file.
    I could not replicate the issue using the latest build of C1Silverlight. When your pdf file is loaded in C1PdfViewer using the product sample "PdfViewerSamples", it renders correctly as shown in the attached image. You can find the product sample at the following location on your machine:
    C:\Users\UserName\Documents\ComponentOne Samples\Silverlight\C1.Silverlight.PdfViewer\CS

    Would suggest you to check the behavior with the latest build which can be downloaded from here:

    In case the problem persists, please highlight the characters rendered incorrectly in the PdfViewer.

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