How to Implement Insert Row feature by Programming without the CommandBar

Originally Posted 20 January 2008, 7:19 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 20 January 2008, 7:19 pm EST

    Hi ..
    <span>I have to implement a
    spread sheet which has 3 column, such as say Description (Title) column,
    Initial Value column and Annual Value column this is a sheet where we can enter
    budget details, in that I have requirement of implementing the Insert row feature
    when user clicks on a particular button on the spread sheet (which
    CellType PushButton) and therefore I have set the command toolbar to hide

    Let say I have 3 Titles on the sheet (Estimated Expenses, Internal Funding and
    External Funding) for each of these title there are pre loaded details, e.g. under
    estimated expenditure there are few items with respective values and same for
    other headings as well.

    Other than the Pre loaded Items User can add new items for above titles, by
    click of button,  assume that there is separate column next to the Annual
    Value column  which has place a push buttons for each heading .

    I know that using command bar Insert row button row insertion feature is added
    with this control. But I want it to be implemented when user clicks on the push


    Questions -
    1. How to Insert row by code in the Button Command event?

    2. Is there anything to with IsheetDataModel in otder to implement this features, beacause as i mention above I have hide the commandBar ,So there is no update button to update when user adds a row in between.

    Please Help, highly appriciate all comments,,..
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    In the ButtonCommand event, you can call the AddRows method to add/insert rows in the Spread control client side.

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