Is there a way to disable the insert/remove row and column (Contextual menu) ?

Posted by: fahmii.bensalah on 16 September 2018, 10:53 pm EST

  • Posted 16 September 2018, 10:53 pm EST


    I would like to disable the insert and delete events of rows and columns from the sheet contextuel menu.

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    Replied 17 September 2018, 9:15 pm EST


    You may go through this documentation link which shows how to add/remove custom menu options in a context menu:-

    You can customize your context menu further as per your need. To get the cell index of clicked cell you can use the code as given here:-

    The only difference is that the code in that page is for left-clicking, so it would need to be changed a little to something like this for right-clicking:-

    Hope it helps.

  • Replied 9 October 2019, 7:07 am EST

    ***For future help :)
    this.spread.contextMenu.menuData = this.spread.contextMenu.menuData.filter(
    i => !(i.text === 'Insert' || i.text === 'Delete'));

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