V 10.1.2 and IE 11 Angular Zone Error

Posted by: Kevin.Happe on 18 April 2019, 3:17 am EST

  • Posted 18 April 2019, 3:17 am EST

    We are using v 10.1.2 in AngularJs with no issues. We are trying to use our existing version with Angular 7. We get a zone error when clicking on the grid in IE11. Works fine in Chrome. I also tried version 10.2.0.
    This is the stack trace for the error for version 10.2.0. We have a source license, so I will list the line of code that throws the error.
    ERROR Error: Unspecified error.
    [functions]: ,
    __proto__: { },
    description: "Unspecified error.",
    message: "Unspecified error.",
    name: "Error",
    number: -2147467259,
    stack: "Error: Unspecified error.

    at setEditorValue (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:69893:18)

    at sheetEx._setEditorValue (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:61259:10)
    at SheetEventHandler.prototype._createFocusHolder (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:63655:22)

    at SheetEventHandler.prototype._setFocusCore (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:63770:14)
    at SheetEventHandler.prototype._setFocus (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:63735:18)

    at SheetEventHandler.prototype._doMouseDown (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:61837:18)

    at self._mouseDownDelegate (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:61376:14)

    at Anonymous function (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:61563:14)
    at actualListener (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:31427:18)

    at ZoneDelegate.prototype.invokeTask (http://localhost:4200/polyfills.js:7575:13)
    at onInvokeTask (http://localhost:4200/vendor.js:61404:13)

    at ZoneDelegate.prototype.invokeTask (http://localhost:4200/polyfills.js:7575:13)

    at Zone.prototype.runTask (http://localhost:4200",
    Symbol(INITIAL_VALUE)_h.1z5cgra9yxj: undefined,
    Symbol(rxSubscriber)_g.1z5cgra9yxj: undefined,
    Symbol(rxSubscriber)_i.1z5cgra9yxj: undefined

    And the actual line of code that throws the error.
    editorContext.selectionStart = editorContext.selectionEnd = editorContext.value.length;

  • Replied 18 April 2019, 6:17 am EST

    I have more info on this. It is due to the document-register-element polyfill. Now I need to find a work around.
  • Replied 21 April 2019, 5:36 pm EST


    We are sorry but we are unable to replicate the issue at our end, could you please have a look at the attached sample and let us know if we are missing something in order to replicate the issue.
    Please feel free to modify the sample so that it replicates the issue.

  • Replied 22 April 2019, 6:36 am EST

    We are using the spreadJs grid in an Angular Elements solution. Elements require version 1.8.1 of https://github.com/WebReflection/document-register-element.
    There seems to be an error with HTMLTextArea changing the selectionEnd or start when running the above pollyfill. We have worked around the issue for now. Just including the document-register-element in the solution causes the failure.
  • Replied 22 April 2019, 9:31 pm EST

    Thanks for the additional info but we are still unable to replicate the issue at our end using ng element. Please have a look at the attached sample and let us know if we need to further make some modifications in the sample to replicate the issue.
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