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Posted by: tkarthik.006 on 17 April 2018, 2:17 pm EST

  • Posted 17 April 2018, 2:17 pm EST

    There are only four localization options available in spreadviews.
    Is there any more other than US, KR, JP, CN.

    Please let me know.

  • Replied 17 April 2018, 8:50 pm EST


    Currently these are the available localization options only. Let me know in case you are looking for localizing it to some particular language. I will add it as an enhancement.

    Deepak Sharma
  • Replied 18 April 2018, 8:57 pm EST

    on behalf of tkarthik.006,

    we want support for Spanish,German and French languages.

  • Replied 19 April 2018, 4:37 pm EST


    I have submitted it as a feature request to our bug data base. The request id for this is 257338. It may get added in future version of SpreadJS.

    Deepak Sharma
  • Replied 25 June 2018, 8:47 pm EST


    Can I know the progress of the above mentioned issue?

    We are waiting for a fix so that we can incorporate them in our application.

    Please respond as soon as possible.

  • Marked as Answer

    Replied 26 June 2018, 7:30 pm EST

    Hi Karthik,

    This has been submitted to our product backlog, hopefully it should get added to our next major version release of SpreadJS i.ev v12.

    Deepak Sharma
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