Building Spread Studio 9 in build machine docker container

Posted by: on 27 June 2022, 7:03 pm EST

  • Posted 27 June 2022, 7:03 pm EST

    We are currently maintaining some software that relies on components that use Spread Studio 9 (spread for winforms).
    We bought two licenses, one for our developer to use, and another for the build machine.
    Up until now this has worked fine - however we are moving our build servers to Ms Azure Devops, and will be using windows containers for our build machine.

    We only intend for one build to take place at a time, but are unsure how to get a windows container licensed to do the build, as the license manager (GrapeCity.LicenseManager.exe) we use relies on a form to enter the product key. I've browsed the docs, and I'm not able to find anything that lets us 'check out' the license via command line. The later versions' license manager (gclm.exe) seem to have this capability, but it's unclear whether I can use this for version 9 of Spread.

    I'm not able to upgrade the version of Spread so it seems that my hands are tied here.

    Am I missing something? Is it possible to check out the build machine license via command line to do the build, then 'return it' once the build is complete?

    Or is it possible to create a base image with the license on it (I'm assuming not as it might be possible to run multiple build agents at the same time?
  • Replied 27 June 2022, 8:04 pm EST


    You can either use the build license approach as mentioned in the documentation at
    Or you can use the Grapecity.LicenseManager.exe from the command line to activate and deactivate the license.
    You can see the usage help for Grapecity.LicenseManager.exe by using the following command in the command prompt.
    > Grapecity.LicenseManager.exe /?

    To activate you can use it like the following:
    GrapeCity.LicenseManager.exe /Activate /Product:ProductName /ProductKey:YourProductKey 
    Grapecity.LicenseManager.exe /Activate /Product:"Spread Studio 9" /ProductKey:12354678945687945678457

    If you face any issues, let us know.

  • Replied 27 June 2022, 8:54 pm EST

    Thank you VERY much for that - yes, I should have "read the manual"!

    Just for info, I'm not able to run the license manager via command line - trying Grapecity.LicenseManager.exe /? from a command prompt still pops up the license window - maybe my license manager version is old.

    Anyway - the documented way of embedding the licenses file worked perfectly to thank you.
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