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Posted by: olivier.rondeau on 29 September 2019, 8:57 pm EST

  • Posted 29 September 2019, 8:57 pm EST

    I found a localization problem about the v12.
    Let's take for example the function =TEXT
    The correct use of this function is =TEXT(value, format), for instance =TEXT(B1;"mm/dd/aaaa")
    If i read a French sheet, where the function becomes =TEXTE, the format argument is not localized.
    In France, 'day' becomes 'jour', and 'year' 'annee', etc.
    So we can find argument like =TEXTE(B1;"jj/mm/aaaa"). In such case, an exception is generated and the function dosen't work.
    Is there a way to correct this please ?
    Thank you.
  • Replied 1 October 2019, 5:55 am EST


    We've asked the developers to look into this issue. We'll update you as soon as we receive any information from them.

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    Replied 2 October 2019, 3:35 pm EST


    According to the developers, only the function name is translated. The function argument is kept as it is. So, this is by-design.

  • Replied 9 October 2019, 6:55 pm EST

    Thank you, we'll be waiting :)
  • Replied 10 October 2019, 3:30 pm EST


    As I said, this is the expected behavior. So, this will not be changed.
    Also, it's not exactly right to change the function arguments for translation purposes.
    This is consistent with the behavior of Excel, opening a sheet in different locales does not translate the function arguments.

  • Replied 15 October 2019, 12:12 am EST

    It does not indeed, but when you write the formula, Excel awaits arguments in the localized date codification of the system language (Windows FR in my case).
    If I put =TEXT(K1;"mm/dd/aaaa") in my Excel sheet for exemple, it will not understand all of the codification and will display 01/dd/yyyy on the cell, and that is because my regional system is in French.
    The Mask in your software only awaits english codification, so no, it is not like Excel behavior, because technically what I do is openning a sheet in the same language as the language on which I saved my sheet in the first place, not a different one as you said.
    Your argument stands if I had installed your software on a english system, and my Excel on a foreign system, and that is all.
    Knowing that, are you still not going to change the behavior ?
    People from other countries does not expect a translation of the software, but it is unusable for none-english-speakers that uses Excel + your soft on a daily basis without forcing people to change their system language parameters !
  • Replied 16 October 2019, 7:41 pm EST


    Sorry for the confusion. I was thinking you are referring to localization of format argument.
    This is indeed an issue, so we've reported it as a bug.

    I'll let you know once we receive more information regarding the fix for this [Internal Tracking ID: 276855].

  • Replied 21 October 2019, 12:11 am EST

    Thanks a lot :)
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