Number formatting not working in German

Posted by: hg on 17 March 2021, 10:59 pm EST

  • Posted 17 March 2021, 10:59 pm EST

    Hello GrapeCity Support Team,

    we are using the Spread.NET WinForms 14.0 control.
    Within that the number formatting doesn't seem to work on a German system.

    To illustrate:
    We have entered the value 12345,67. A number with 2 decimal places separated by a comma sign.
    • Formatted with 2 decimal places results in "12 346" instead of "12345,67"

    • Formatted with 10 decimal places results in "00 000 012 346" instaed of "12345,6700000000".

    • Formatted with 2 decimal placed including 1000 Separator results in "12345,67000" instaed of "12.345,67".

    And so on... (Tests made with GrapeCity Designer)

    The same happens with "Currency" formatting and "Percentage" formatting.
    It doesn't make a difference if you set it via GrapeCity Designer or via Excel. It results in the same formatting issue.

    As soon as we switch the system settings to English with a dot as decimal separator everything seems to work. But this is not a solution.

    Can you please check this issue?

  • Replied 18 March 2021, 4:08 pm EST


    We can replicate the issue at our end so we have asked the developers to check the issue [SPNET-16026].

    We'll let you know once we get any information from them.

  • Replied 28 March 2021, 4:35 pm EST

    Hello, any news on that?
  • Replied 4 April 2021, 7:37 pm EST


    The developers have confirmed that this issue is not supported in Spread.
    This will be considered as an enhancement for the next release.

  • Replied 8 April 2021, 4:26 pm EST

    Ok, thank you!
    As far as I know the next release will be the Service Release in May, Will it be included in that one?
    We want to inform our users when they can expect a correct number formatting or if they need to find a different solution.

  • Replied 8 April 2021, 4:48 pm EST


    We're sorry, this won't be included in the next Service Pack.
    We currently have it in the backlog for the next major release (v15).

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