Problem snooping an application

Posted by: hennig on 13 January 2019, 8:50 pm EST

  • Posted 13 January 2019, 8:50 pm EST


    I am using 12 and want to snoop an debug application. But there occures an exception. "File 'Snoop.resources" could not be found" (see attached image).

    What can I do?

    Best regards,

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    Replied 14 January 2019, 7:50 pm EST


    I am not sure if this issue is related to Spread for WPF. Since I did not see the name of Spread classes in Stack trace image shared by you.
    The error is about Snoop.Resources which is a third party tool, please check if the tool is working fine in your app without Spread.

    Deepak Sharma

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