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Posted by: waldo on 8 November 2021, 5:07 am EST

  • Posted 8 November 2021, 5:07 am EST


    How does one create a custom side panel that can be shown/hidden via button or programmatically

    What I did so far are the following
    - Create a button that will show the side panel by adding an entry to config.commandMap
    - Registered a template that contains the UI element of the panel
    - added an entry in config.sidePanels referencing the registered template via uiTemplate and also referencing the commandMap entry via command property. Set showCloseButton and, allowResize to true

    So far what I have is a side panel that shows up right away. Clicking the x button does not hide the side panel. The panel is also not resizable. I also noticed that the commandMap.execute callback function is ran when clicking the command button or making changes to any field in the side panel.

    I tried adding visibleContext to the template and control it via setData() but it does not work to hide/show the side panel.
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    Replied 9 November 2021, 8:53 am EST

    Hi Waldo,

    I am currently working on a support case opened from a member of your team with this same question, case ID: CAS-26611-T3Q0C7.

    To ensure that we have all information and notes on in one place I will be providing further information and support on this within the case.

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