getPrecedents for range functions

Posted by: asaf.shechter on 14 March 2023, 1:46 am EST

  • Posted 14 March 2023, 1:46 am EST - Updated 14 March 2023, 1:51 am EST


    I am trying to use the getPrecedents method for a cell that has a range in formula :

    and get only on cell back :

    there is another case when you have indirect function you also won’t get precedents at all , INDIRECT(“B2”) for example won’t return anything using the getPrecedents method…

  • Posted 16 March 2023, 4:54 am EST


    This seems like a bug. So, we have escalated this issue to the development team. Will get back to you once we have any update from them.[Internal Tracking Id - DOCXLS-7791]

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