Using Complex Business Objects with the Report Viewer

Posted by: daniel on 27 June 2018, 10:14 am EST

  • Posted 27 June 2018, 10:14 am EST

    Hi I'm trying to use a complex business object as my Report Data Source and then trying to access properties on another complex business object which is a property of the first, in the report.
    Ex: Business might have StreetAddress and I'm trying to access StreetAddress.StreetNumber from a textbox.
    When I tried something similar in my application it gave me the namespace of the object (ProjectName.StreetAddress) as the textboxes output. Is there a way to do what I'm trying to do?


  • Replied 1 July 2018, 2:00 pm EST

    Hello Daniel,
    I am investigating on your requirement and will get back to you soon with a solution.
  • Marked as Answer

    Replied 2 July 2018, 11:03 pm EST

    Hi Daniel,

    After investigation, we found that though there is not a direct way to achieve your requirement. However, by accessing the nested properties via reflection, it can still be done. For complete implementation, please refer the attached sample application.

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