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Posted by: mwebster on 8 May 2019, 5:54 am EST

  • Posted 8 May 2019, 5:54 am EST

    I have converted the Windows side of my application to Flexreports and I am now attempting to convert the ASP.NET Web Forms version but having no luck of any kind. I am not using the Reportviewer, I have basically been loading the report file in code and then rendering it to a PDF.

    I cannot find any useful documentation on how to do the same thing in ASP.NET Web Forms. Are there any tutorials on how to do this? Changing the project over to MVC or anything else is out of the question. I need this to work just like C1Report did. Any suggestions for me? Essentially I am using this code to accomplish the task with C1Report:

    Dim c1rpt As New C1.C1Report.C1Report
    c1rpt.Load("MyReport.xml", ""))
    c1rpt.DataSource.ConnectionString = ConnStr
    c1rpt.RenderToFile(RptTempPath & "MyReport.pdf", C1.C1Report.FileFormatEnum.PDF)


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    Replied 8 May 2019, 6:46 am EST

    Got it to work. Was getting thrown off because every time I actually used the same code as I used for the Windows Forms version. Oddly enough when adding a reference to the ASP.NET MVC versions of the components, Visual studio adds the Windows Forms versions instead - it ended up working perfectly.
  • Replied 8 May 2019, 2:05 pm EST

    We are glad to know that your issue has been resolved and thank you for notifying us and sharing the issue cause.

    Manish Gupta

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