Mutiple X-Axis and Multiple y-aixs wijmo charting widgets

Originally Posted 20 March 2012, 3:26 am EST

  • Originally Posted 20 March 2012, 3:26 am EST


    I want to purchase the product for one of my charting requirement. I need to ask can i create Mutiple X-Axis and Multiple y-aixs with the chart. let me know is it possible and how. It would really be nice to have the solution in wijmo charting widgets.

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    Its good to know that you people are adding Multiple X-axis and Multiple Y-Axis support for the charting widget. Kindly update me about the followings as well.

    1) Can I use Statistical functions with wijmo chart widget.Please provide me reference.
    2) How can I avail wijmo support and please provide details .

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    Good news, this feature just landed in our Composite Chart last night! We will make this available in the coming days.

    Thanks for submitting the request.
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    We just released multiple axis support in 2.0.5! You can see it live here:|multipleaxes or download it to try it.

    I am not sure I understand what you mean by statistical functions. Could you elaborate?
    And our support is done in the Premium Support forum which can be accessed if it is purchased with Wijmo Complete.
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    Thanks I'll make a try of it.

    By Statistical functions means to some extent these things ; to run a regression, or calculate percentiles, t-tests,
    correlations, and confidence intervals, generate frequency distributions,
    probability values, ANOVA group analysis, cross tabs.

    Could these be available in charts or do you people have any plans to for one.
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    Multiple Y-axes is a major new feature! Thank you!

    Why don't you guys make announcements for things like this? I don't even see it mentioned in the change.log.
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    How can I create a probability density distribution chart with wijmo flex chart in Angular2?
    Any reference link is appreciated.

    I don't want to show the x-axis labels except for the two values.

    Thank You.
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