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Originally Posted 20 October 2010, 6:11 am EST

  • Originally Posted 20 October 2010, 6:11 am EST

    Just forked and cloned and looked through the widgets. Missing the tooltip widget, guess that didn't yet make it to the beta release.

    The external content dialog demo gets redirected to (at least in Firefox 3.6), I guess they have some framebusting in there.

    The popup utility is weird. I'm still not sure what it's purpose is, and why its categorized as a utility. All that seems to do is wrap show(), hide() and position().

    Is there any way to open the custom/decorated select using the keyboard?

    More to come...
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    Thanks Jorn, I just fixed the index page to include tooltip. We had the source in there, but the navigation was not updated yet. I will follow up on the other stuff ASAP. Thanks for the feedback!
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    Regarding the popup, basically it is show()/hide() and position(). it was just a pattern that we found we were using a lot, so we just created something that was general enough for our needs. Keeps us from having the same code snippet in a bunch of widgets.
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    I have had a chance to dig into both wijmo-open and wijmo-complete and everything is super slick. I even started gutting an application that I am pretty close to releasing to replace the jquery ui native controls and some other ones to use the wijmo controls.

    Great Job Guys.
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    That's fantastic. Keep any feedback flowing. It will help us make a better set of Wijmo Complete AND Wijmo Open widgets.

    - bizdisdevzign. :)
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