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Originally Posted 21 February 2014, 2:05 am EST

  • Originally Posted 21 February 2014, 2:05 am EST

    currently i display the event calendar with month view only and i don't want switch the view mode in list view and Week Mode but in month view there is date number when user click on that date number particular day task display with list event same as click on "More". in short when i display the month view user can not switch to other view mode.
    Any possibility to avoid the "more" button click event and date number click event???
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    i attached screen shot for clarification please check it

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    Please refer to the following forum link that discusses the similar issue.

    Hope it helps.

    Manpreet Kaur
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    Your query has been answered at the following forum link.

    Kindly refer to the same.

    Manpreet Kaur
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    there is delay time on switching back to the month view
    when user click on date number and more button the small amount of time list view display and after that month view display on user side user fill like something is changing

    it is possibility to user click on more button then he redirect to another view??
    please refer below code Waiting for your positive reply.

    viewType: “month”,
    visibleCalendars: ["My"],
    viewTypeChanged: function (e, viewType) {
    $(“#eventscalendar”).wijevcal(“option”, “viewType”, “month”);
    selectedDatesChanged: function (e, args) {
    changedate = new Date(args.selectedDates[0]);
    var date = dateFormat(changedate, “shortDate”);
    var _CurrDate = dateFormat(changedate, “mediumDate”);
    var DateFormatCalendar = SplitDateGetMonthYear(_CurrDate);
    beforeEditEventDialogShow: function (e, args) { //// Coomment Window Hide DIV
    ViewType = “Calendar”;
    OuterCreatTask = “false”;
    // *** Variant 1: create custom dialog for new events:
    targetCell = args.targetCell,
    eventData = args.data;
    if (!eventData.isNewEvent) {
    Actid = eventData.id;
    return false;
    else {
    if (dateFormat(new Date(eventData.start), “shortDate”) < dateFormat(new Date(), “shortDate”)) {

    changedate = new Date(eventData.start);
    var sdate = new Date(eventData.start);
    var fdate = new Date(eventData.end);
    var sttime = dateFormat(new Date(), “FullTimeTT”);
    var stdate = dateFormat(sdate, “shortDate”);
    var endtime = dateFormat(new Date(), “FullTimeTT”);
    var endDate = dateFormat(fdate, “shortDate”);
    return false; // prevent built-in dialog to be shown.
    dataStorage: {
    addEvent: _AddEvents,
    updateEvent: _updateEvent,
    deleteEvent: null,
    loadEvents: _loadEvents,
    addCalendar: null,
    updateCalendar: null,
    deleteCalendar: null,
    loadCalendars: function (successCallback, errorCallback) {
    var calendars = [{ name: "CalendarEvent", id: "My", color: "red"}];
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