Dynamic show/hidden columns in table flexgrid wijo

Posted by: viethdhe130200 on 26 May 2022, 6:52 pm EST

  • Posted 26 May 2022, 6:52 pm EST

    Hi, wijmo admin.

    I have a table flexgrid wijmo, tab1 include: "Unit Price", "Quantity" and "Discount", tab2 include: "Total Price" and "Tax Amount".

    The first time I go to the screen tab1 default is shown and tab2 has to be hidden

    If I click button tab2 then show 2 columns: "Total Price", "Tax Amount" and hide 3 columns: "Unit Price", "Quantity", "Discount"
    If I click button tab 1 then show 3 columns: "Unit Price", "Quantity", "Discount" and hide 2 columns: "Total Price", "Tax Amount".

    My table flexgrid wijmo has calculatedFields. It's mean calculate between columns:
    +, "Total Price" columns = (Unit Price * Quantity) * (1 - Discount)
    +, "Tax Amount" column = Total Price * 0,12

    Now, I calculate between columns in cellEditEnded event of flexgrid wijmo.
    So, I hope you suggest to me how to resolve this case:
    When I show and input "Unit Price", "Quantity", "Discount". After I hide "Unit Price", "Quantity", "Discount" and show "Total Price", "Tax Amount" then the value of "Total Price", "Tax Amount" will take the latest value that I just input

    Please understand simply that I only show/hide the columns, the calculation on the columns will not be changed and must use cellEditended to the calculation

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    Replied 29 May 2022, 10:37 pm EST


    We apologize but we are unable to replicate the issue at our end, could you please refer to the below sample used to replicate the issue and let us know if any changes are required to replicate the issue at our end?

    If you are facing the issue only in your application and not in the below-shared sample, it might be possible that the issue is caused due to some other factors in your application therefore I would request you to please share a small sample replicating the issue.

    Sample link: https://stackblitz.com/edit/js-znntjs?file=index.js

  • Replied 6 June 2022, 10:07 am EST

    Sorry for the delayed response, sonu.pandey. It's working for me. Thank you very much <3
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