Empty XLSX report when downloaded using FlexGridXlsxConverter

Posted by: mamtasinghsomvanshi.28 on 31 July 2022, 8:41 pm EST

  • Posted 31 July 2022, 8:41 pm EST


    I've a wijmo table report that has a set of rows. I use FlexGridXlsxConverter Class to convert this flexgrid table to a xlsx report and then download it. This works absolutely fine when the flexgrid has data in it. But if there is no data i.e. if the rows are empty only column headers are visible in the table, the downloaded report is an empty file now without column headers. I was expecting it to be filled with the column headers.

    How do i get the report with atleast column headers in it if there's no data present in the table.

    Is there any way to handle this?

  • Replied 1 August 2022, 11:32 pm EST


    You may use the includeColumnHeaders property of the IFlexGridXlsxOptions to include column headers into exported excel. Please refer to the sample link below demonstrating the same:


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