How to bind dynamically generated json to flexgrid?

Posted by: ajanaspa on 5 September 2021, 7:11 am EST

  • Posted 5 September 2021, 7:11 am EST

    I wanted to bind json data (which is dynamically generated) to flexgrid.

    My json looks like

    I want a view like below.

    Is it possible using Flexgrid?
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    Replied 5 September 2021, 10:07 pm EST


    You can update the itemsSource of the grid anytime as per your requirements.
    flexGrid.itemsSource = <dynamic json data>;

    Also, the JSON you have provided is not supported in the FlexGrid, because the FlexGrid data source takes either an array, array-of-object, JSON(in array-of-object structure ), an instance of IcollectionView. If you pass a JSON to the FlexGrid you need to make sure it is in that structure only.

    I have Updated the JSON a bit to show the closest desired result. Please refer to the sample link below demonstrating the same:

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