ODataVirtualCollectionView prevent CRUD operations

Posted by: bozjator on 14 October 2019, 7:20 pm EST

  • Posted 14 October 2019, 7:20 pm EST


    i have implemented virtual / infinite scroll using ODataVirtualCollectionView class based on this example https://www.grapecity.com/wijmo/demos/Grid/Data-binding/VirtualOData/angular

    Now i have to implement editing in grid.
    It needs to be possible to change value in multiple cells in different rows and then update them by Save button.
    I want to perform this update of changed values manually by myself.
    The problem i have is that Wijmo FlexGrid makes put request by it self after user edits grid cell.
    How do i prevent, that after user edits a cell value, that grid does not triggers automatic put request?

  • Replied 15 October 2019, 5:09 pm EST

    Hi Blaž,

    We are sorry but there is no method to stop the request to the OData server after editing the data because of how ODataCollectionView is designed.
    If you wish to save edited items and update them to the server on the click of a button, you will need to use simple CollectionView object along with the trackChanges property.

  • Replied 15 October 2019, 8:46 pm EST

    I need this virtual scroll that you provide with ODataVirtualCollectionView class, because i have 100 thousands of rows.

    Is there any plans to implement this prevention of automatic updated after a cell is edited?
    Because it is very useful function in cases when developer that uses wijmo grid component with ODataVirtualCollectionView wants to implement a different approach to editing data in grid.

    Another reason why developer would want to implement custom update call to API after editing, is because my API uses PATCH method and i can send then only properties which were changed.
    While update call to API in ODataVirtualCollectionView class, after editing, calls PUT method sending the whole object.

    Thank you, regards
  • Replied 16 October 2019, 3:06 pm EST


    We have added an enhancement request for the same with internal tracking id 402037. We will provide you with an update as soon as we hear from them.

  • Replied 11 February 2020, 8:54 pm EST


    The developers have added a new property deferCommits property that can be used to defer the commits until they are committed using the commitChanges method or canceled using the cancelChanges. These new APIs will be available in the next stable release. We will update you as soon as the next build is available.

    Also, the devs have updated the ODataCollectionView to use the PATCH method instead of the PUT method, which will also be added in the next release.

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