Retrieve validation errors from FlexGrid / FlexSheet

Posted by: sct999.1 on 23 June 2020, 6:11 am EST

  • Posted 23 June 2020, 6:11 am EST

    Currently I'm using FlexSheet for bulk uploading data.

    I successfully implemented basic validation (empty cells) using the getError function for the CollectionView

    However, there may be cases when I'd like to prevent data submission if there are errors in any of the sheets.

    To show proper error messages, I'd like to retrieve the rows or cells that have validation errors.

    Is there a way to retrieve either the rows or the cells that have validation errors?

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    Replied 23 June 2020, 6:17 pm EST

    Hi Salvador,

    There is no direct way to get the list of errors. You will need to iterate over each of the cell and check whether it has any errors or not. Please refer to the sample link below for reference:

  • Replied 25 June 2020, 1:29 am EST

    I'll use that approach, thank you.
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