C1Editor Control image location when pasting images

Posted by: cvb on 6 October 2020, 7:39 pm EST

  • Posted 6 October 2020, 7:39 pm EST


    We are trying to implement the C1Editor in our application.
    Is there a way to control where the images are being placed when pasting an image or when pasting snippets containing images? Now they are placed in the folder from which the program is started, but we would like to be able to copy the images to a centralized place and change the location in the snippet to a url in stead of a file path.

    Is there a way to do this as it is not possible to override the paste method and there don't seem to be events to subscribe on.

  • Replied 7 October 2020, 8:58 pm EST


    What I understood from this, when you paste the content including the image in it in C1Editor then it automatically copy the image in the folder from which program is started.
    If my understanding is correct, then I am not able to reproduce the issue at my end. It only embed the image in the C1Editor.
    If my understanding is wrong, please share the sample showing the same behavior so that I can assist you accordingly.

  • Replied 7 October 2020, 10:30 pm EST

    Hi Mohit,

    What do you mean with embed? If you look at the source after pasting the content, there will be an <img> tag with an src attribute specified, starting with: file:///, so the image is at that location on disk.
    When you say embed, that would mean that the whole image is included in the xml?


  • Replied 13 October 2020, 4:23 am EST


    Sorry, I misunderstood your query. Currently, I don't find any method to override this behavior. I have asked the development team(467035) for the same and will inform you once I get any information from them.

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