C1Schedule : Show more info and/or fields in appointment (in MonthView)

Posted by: chris.moxon on 6 May 2021, 10:47 pm EST

  • Posted 6 May 2021, 10:47 pm EST


    I'm very new to the C1Schedule game (using latest 4.5.2 version) and all my questions so far have been answered elsewhere in the forum, but alas not this one !

    When you are showing a schedule in MonthView - you see the Subject & Location info in the thumbnail (sorry not sure what the correct term is i.e. the view BEFORE you double-click it) - but is there any way of showing other data in there - namely whatever is stored in the CustomData field ?

    Also the info that is shown, is very restricted - if the subject has a lot of text, then you one - don't see it all and two, you don't see any of the location info. Therefore is there any way of turning on "wordwrap" so that the text will spill on to subsequent lines ?

    I've worked out how to add the extra info to the tooltip - which is very handy; but that's not as good as showing more info up-front.

    The second appointment on the image has a lot more info in the subject and has a location set - but you don't see any of that.


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    Replied 9 May 2021, 5:08 pm EST

    Hi Chris,

    You can use the BeforeAppointmentFormat event to change the text shown in the appointment. You can use the Text property of the BeforeAppointmentFormatEventArgs to set the custom text you want to show in the appointment.

    private void C1Schedule1_BeforeAppointmentFormat(object sender, C1.Win.C1Schedule.BeforeAppointmentFormatEventArgs e)
    e.Text = e.Appointment.CustomData + e.Text;

    Please note that currently, appointments can not have different heights in C1Schedule. You can use the AppointmentHeight property to set the height of the appointments shown in MonthView according to your requirements.

  • Replied 9 May 2021, 10:27 pm EST


    Many thanks for your reply - that does what I need !

    Pity about the appointment height can not be set differently for each one.


  • Replied 11 May 2021, 3:25 pm EST

    Hi Chris,

    We have posted a Feature Request to the development team and will let you know when we have an update.


    [Internal Tracking ID : C1WIN-24875]
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