C1SuperLabel: Is there a way to remove the extra white area?

Posted by: iamyoukou on 23 May 2023, 4:28 pm EST

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    Posted 23 May 2023, 4:28 pm EST - Updated 23 May 2023, 4:36 pm EST

    Hi, everyone!

    I’m using SuperLabel in FlexReport to show some information.

    But there are some extra white area on the right and bottom side of the SuperLabel.

    (the area highlighted by red rectangles in the attached image)

    I want to remove those white area.

    I have tried the followed things, but they didn’t work

    ・Set the MarginBottom and MarginRight of the SuperLabel both to 0

    ・Specify margin-right, margin-bottom, padding-right, padding-bottom in the HTML of SuperLabel.Text to some negative value

    Is there a way to remove the extra white area?


    (I also attached a sample flxr file)

  • Posted 23 May 2023, 4:29 pm EST

    The sample flxr file ↓↓↓


  • Posted 25 May 2023, 3:04 am EST - Updated 25 May 2023, 3:09 am EST

    Hi Jiang san,

    Thanks for providing the flxr file.

    Unfortunately, we could not replicate the issue with the latest version of C1FlexReportDesigner( 4.5.20231.596). We have attached the snapshot of the behavior of the report for your reference. Please refer the following:

    We request you provide the following details to us so that we can further investigate the issue:

    1. Exact Version of the C1FlexReportDesigner utility you are working with.
    2. Machine information/configuration
    3. Display Settings of the machine
    4. Regional Settings of the system
    5. Please let us know if you are working on a VM

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Posted 25 May 2023, 1:33 pm EST - Updated 25 May 2023, 1:38 pm EST

    Hi Aastha,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Here are the details of my development enviroment:

    • C1FlexReportDesigner32.4.5.2、Version 4.5.20202.438
    • Windows 10 Pro Version 22H2
    • I attached an image to show the results of different display settings
    • My regional setting is: Japan, Japanese
    • No, not on a VM

    To better describe my problem, I highlighted the text area of the SuperLabel with a blue solid border.

    For some reasons, I’m not able to test the sample FlexReport with C1FlexReportDesigner (4.5.20231.596), sorry about that.

    Could you test again with the reuploaded FlexReport?

    Thanks & Regards,



  • Posted 25 May 2023, 3:33 pm EST - Updated 25 May 2023, 3:39 pm EST

    Hi Jiang,

    Thanks for providing the required information.

    We could replicate the issue with C1FlexReportDesigner32.4.5.2, Version 4.5.20202.438 with the environment details provided by you.

    We tested the behaviour with the latest version of C1FlexReportDesigner( 4.5.20231.596) on two monitors, but could not replicate the issue. Please refer to Monitor1.zip and Monitor2.zip

    to check the behavior.

    Hence, we kindly request you update your C1FlexReportDesigner to the latest build in order to achieve the desired behavior.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Posted 28 May 2023, 11:10 am EST

    Hi Aastha,

    Thanks for the test and reply. I will report this issue and the recommended solution to our project manager.

    Thanks & Regards,


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