Can C1SuperLabel has scroll bar when the text is too long?

Posted by: freedom93123 on 28 July 2020, 7:20 pm EST

  • Posted 28 July 2020, 7:20 pm EST

    The issue that I faced is, when the text is too long, it could not display all of its content just like below:


    I use C1SuperLabel to render HTML tags and display it within a cell

    1. The size of C1SuperLabel is following the size of the cell.
    2. When there is HTML tag such as <br>, the size of the C1SuperLabel will become bigger than the size of the cell which could not be predicted when getting the size of cell.

    Does the C1SuperLabel has scrollbar when the text is longer than its control size?
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    Replied 29 July 2020, 8:10 pm EST


    Sorry but the SuperLabel does not have scrollbars when the text is longer than its size but you can use the AutoSize property of the SuperLabel to true to adjust its size as per the text.

    Please go through the attached sample implementing the same.

    Prabhat Sharma.
  • Replied 18 August 2020, 5:28 pm EST

    Hi Prabhat Sharma,

    I had found an alternative solution by putting the C1SuperLabel into a panel and let it autosize within the panel to achieve below:

    Thanks for your reply.
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