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Posted by: fabio.lavitola on 8 February 2022, 4:12 am EST

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    Posted 8 February 2022, 4:12 am EST

    Hi, I’m evaluating the latest WinForm using FlexReport into an old VMWare Machine. I’m trying to use a FlexChartField with Histogram into a FlexReport but - even if I’vent found any Sample - I still cannot view any data. The FlexChartFiled set with Histogram CharType seems to be the only Chart Type with issues… Any hint? I’ve also tried an existing sample you provided using the installed samples, and only Legacy C1Chart in FlexReport seems to work, but I’d like to understand the newver Chart versione (FlexChartField). Any Idea?

    Thanks Fabio

  • Posted 8 February 2022, 10:02 pm EST


    Thanks for reaching out to us with your query.

    We have replicated this behavior at our end, and this seems like a bug. So, we have escalated it to the development team. We will get back to you once we have any update from them. [Internal Tracking Id - C1WIN-26781]

    Best Regards, Nitin.

  • Posted 9 February 2022, 5:14 am EST

    Thanks for your support, 'cause I’m waiting for this solution to purchase a license… I also expect the FlexChartField Normal Curve, exactly as it is drawn into standard FlexChart (and works correctly)…

  • Posted 10 February 2022, 4:57 pm EST


    We are discussing your requirement to the development team on priority basis. We will get back to you once we get any update from them.

    Best Regards, Nitin

  • Posted 14 February 2022, 4:24 pm EST


    Thanks for your patience.

    The histogram type is not implemented in current version’s FlexChartField. We are planning to implement this feature to 2022v2 release. So, sorry to inform you that we can’t implement Histogram FlexChartField in Reports right now. We request you to wait till the feature is implement on FlexChartFiled.

    Best Regards, Nitin

  • Posted 14 February 2022, 7:01 pm EST

    Can u give me approx when it will be released? In days ? Weeks? Mnths? Year? My clients won’t wait so long…

  • Posted 14 February 2022, 8:01 pm EST


    2022v2 release is approximately at the end of July, 2022. You can wait for this feature till release i.e., July 2022.

    Regards, Nitin

  • Posted 17 February 2022, 10:27 pm EST

    Perfect, I’ll wait for that release in order to place the order of a brand new WinForms License. Thanks for your feedback.

    Regards, Fabio La Vitola

  • Posted 11 July 2022, 4:20 am EST

    Hi, I’d like to get an extended of 2022V2 Trial Key to test .Net Core 6 if possibile, 'cause since I’m waiting for 2022V3 realease, meanwhile I’d like to test my migrations… Thanks in advance

  • Posted 11 July 2022, 7:45 pm EST


    JFYI, 2022v2 is not publicly released yet. We can provide the trial extension for 2022v2 after the release. As this feature will be fixed in 2022v2 and publicly available at the end of July 2022. You can test the fix after 2022v2 release with trial license.

    On other hand, let we discuss with the development team for an update on this issue.

    You have mentioned 2022v3, where development is not started yet for this. We need to release 2022v2 first. Is there any issue posted by you, which will be fixed in 2022v3? Any specific reason to wait for 2022v3 release.

    Regards, Nitin.

  • Posted 12 July 2022, 5:58 pm EST

    Sorry Nitin, I wrote the wrong version reference. At the moment I’d like to test my conversions in .Net Core 6, doesn’t matter the version (2022V2 is coming), the current version 2022V1 should be ok, waiting for the next 2022V2. Thanks in advance

  • Posted 12 July 2022, 10:52 pm EST


    We have created a new case for you. Where the trial license key is shared. For security reasons we can’t share the license key here. You can refer here : The benefits of your GrapeCity account...

    JFYI, This key will work for any version but valid for 30 days from the day you activate.

    Regards, Nitin

  • Posted 12 August 2022, 1:42 am EST

    Hi, even in 2022V2 I can’t draw Histogram in FlexChartReport.

    In a FlexChart I have to add an Histogram Series with

    C1FlexChart.Series.Add(New Histogram)

    , but with FlexChartField i cannot do that…

    Can U provide me a sample, please, possibily in VB.Net?

    Thanks Regards, Fabio

  • Posted 15 August 2022, 3:34 pm EST

    Hi Fabio,

    We have already informed you here: The benefits of your GrapeCity account... That this fix will not available in 2022 Major Release. But we will fix this issue in 2022v2 Hotfix. So that it will be available between 2022v2 and 2022v3. 2022v2 hotfix is in a QA cycle. If everything fine with the QA side, then it will take two weeks to release. Otherwise, it will take some more time. But don’t worry it will be available before 2022v3. It won’t take too long.

    Best Regards, Nitin.

  • Posted 14 December 2022, 1:43 am EST

    Hi Nitin,

    where can i find the latest release complete changelog?



  • Posted 14 December 2022, 5:58 pm EST

    Hi Fabio,

    You can find the Winforms Changelog at location : C:\Program Files (x86)\ComponentOne\WinForms Edition

    Best Regards,


  • Posted 24 February 2023, 2:07 am EST

    Hi all,

    FlexReport Histograms & Normal Curve are NOW just PERFECT!

    Ty all!!!

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