Feeback about the "generate runtime license " tool

Posted by: wknauf on 20 April 2021, 5:43 am EST

  • Posted 20 April 2021, 5:43 am EST

    See e.g. the sample attached to https://www.grapecity.com/forums/winforms-edition/licensing-error-when-launc:
    The "gclicx" file has a full path in the project file.
    <EmbeddedResource Include="C:\Temp\LicenseTest\LicenseTestGclicx\LicenseTestGcLicx.gclicx" />

    This is a problem for us, as every developer has a different project location. I consider it a bug not to use a relative path.

    When the solution is checked in to TFS, all project files are readonly. The read only state is only shown in the tooltip for each project. But when using it the first time, this is confusing, see screenshot. I suggest to to add the information "readonly" e.g. after the project name.

    Would it be possible to checkout the project files when clicking "Generate"? At least the API for Visual Studio extensions projects provide a "checkout" method.

    Best regards

  • Replied 20 April 2021, 10:04 pm EST

    Hello Wolfgang,

    You can include the gclicx directly into your project. is there any specific reason for adding that file to a different location (C:\Temp\LicenseTest\LicenseTestGclicx\).

    And also what is the issue that you are facing due to this?

    >>When the solution is checked into TFS, all project files are read-only.
    The projects where C1 controls are used are also showing grey out?

    Prabhat Sharma.
  • Replied 21 April 2021, 5:47 pm EST

    Hi Prabhat,

    the absolute path was written by the "Generate runtime license" tool, not by me ;-). Sorry, I should have clarified this.

    Yes, projects with C1 components are also greyed out and the tooltip says "Readonly".

    Best regards

  • Replied 26 April 2021, 10:43 pm EST

    Hi Wolfgang,

    We have escalated this issue to the development team and will let you know as soon as we get the update on this.
    [Internal Tracking ID: C1-3137]

    Prabhat Sharma.
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