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Posted by: kwilson on 7 March 2023, 5:11 am EST

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    Posted 7 March 2023, 5:11 am EST - Updated 7 March 2023, 5:16 am EST

    I have a dataset similar to the below

    I want to create a line chart that will show the daily revenue by station but for the life of me I can’t get it to show properly. Suggestions please??

  • Posted 9 March 2023, 10:34 pm EST


    We have created a small, stripped-down sample to show how we can bind the FlexChart to the data table, please have a look.


    If you have some other requirements, then please let us know and modify the sample accordingly.


    Prabhat Sharma.


  • Posted 10 March 2023, 3:25 am EST

    Thanks I think I got it figured out. Looked at the demo and that should work

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